22nd Annual


Since its inception in 1999 MatchMaker has generated more than $3.5 billion in new business opportunities for its exhibitors. As a company, our mission is to work with the highest quality and best performing automotive supply base to create a diverse working environment that inspires innovation and creativity. We strongly
believe that our supply base should mirror our customer base in order to meet the needs of an increasingly multicultural population. Our focus and commitment to Supplier Diversity remains strong as we want the diversity of our employees, supply base and dealer network to reflect the diversity of our customers. This is an important part of our corporate culture and we have been actively involved in promoting Supplier Diversity for more than 37 years.


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Supplier Diversity at FCA


Thursday, September 16, 2021


  • This year, Stellantis North America (formerly known as FCA North America) is celebrating 22 years of driving diverse connections at Matchmaker. This event is one of the largest diversity events of its kind for diverse business owners in the U.S. It is attended by thousands of diverse entrepreneurs, Tier I suppliers and members of FCA Purchasing Leadership ready to make connections and do business.
  • This year’s MatchMaker includes innovative educational programming lessons,  1:1 MatchMaker sessions, networking opportunities and an unrivaled platform provided by OESA.
  • Suppliers have the opportunity to host exhibit space with other supplier attendees visiting them to network, and share capabilities for a potential business opportunity match. Each exhibitor will be able to build out their own virtual booth

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